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Welcome to my page! This is a little bit about myself, and what I bring to our little group. Back in 2009, I founded Phantom Games Development with two other members of my team. We were small scale game modifiers with interests in computer programming at the time with some ideas that could eventually become larger scale game projects. At the time of the founding we were primarily focused with development in the Torque Game Engine and one of it's derivation projects, Tribes 2. This interest ultimately led to our group purchasing our own copy of the engine software and then to set out on some small scale (some unsuccessful, others got to a build state) projects with the engine. That was the primary focus for our first three years, and then we turned our attention away to more system related designs, as we put together some useful projects using our old codebases to help others who have their own project ideas in mind. These little projects are now run by me, and are the small list of products we currently sell here at Phantom Games Development. The current line of work for PGD is rather limited, but we do have a small scale 2D game engine project in the works.

Outside of Phantom Games Development, I am a full time graduate student at Norther Illinois University, currently pursuing a M.S. in Meteorology (Geography). My primary research focus at the time is on winter storms and the processes which drive these storms. My goal is to establish a better understanding of how these systems form, work, and ultimately become large scale winter hazards which many of us are all too familiar with. Beyond this, my ambition is to continue to recive a Ph.D. and eventually go into acedemia.

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